What is required in the hotel industry

~ Towards a new era ~

In a labor shortage / contactless society, it is expected that there will be more opportunities to utilize service robots in the accommodation industry in the future.
As for service robots, we can find many possibilities of using our robots for serving and lowering meals in the restaurant and banquet departments when staying, mainly in hotels and inns.
In addition, more and more customers are spending time in their rooms rather than in public spaces to prevent infectious diseases. Therefore, the demand for room service and the frequency of delivery of amenities will increase.
Aim Technologies will respond to these needs with AI robot solutions for DX conversion of accommodation facilities.

Utilization in restaurants and banquet halls

[Serving / Lowering]

The aim robot basically has a door in the tray storage part. With the door, you can prevent dust from adhering and prevent customers from accidentally touching the food. (Open tray is also available as an option)
The wheels are stable, and you can easily run on carpets with steps of about 2 cm and hairy feet. Slopes with a maximum slope of 5 degrees can also be climbed.
By using it at the time when many customers use it for breakfast and dinner, and at the buffet restaurant, you can reduce the labor of collecting tableware and speed up the work.

Points of serving / lowering function

  • You can carry a large amount of things that cannot be carried at one time by going back and forth from the deshap and stockyard to the designated table and the relay point of the staff many times.
  • We will detour to the drink corner and serve additional items together. (Detour function)
  • You can go around up to 5 places in order. (* AKARI only)
    For example, you can stop by the workbenches of several tables and staff, collect the dishes, and finally go to the washing place.
  • The staff can call the robot by pressing the call button when the food is ready. (Robot call button)
  • When the battery capacity drops below the set value, it automatically returns to the charging point and charges. (Automatic charging function)
  • In addition to the serving / lowering function, when the robot is free, you can carry out promotional activities such as voice, BGM, and events that utilize the movement of the robot in the lobby or anywhere where people gather.

Optional function

  • When a heat insulation unit is attached. You can carry hot dishes while they are still warm. (Comply with food hygiene management standards in line with HACCP)
  • Comes with a UV germicidal lamp, which can sterilize food and the inside of the box on a regular basis, preventing food poisoning.
  • You can carry two trays up to 55x37 cm.
    Alternatively, you can carry four non-slip wooden M size 36x28 cm trays from Nitori. (4 servings)
    You can carry up to 2 collection-only rugs. (* AKARI only)

Utilization for room service delivery

[Room service / amenity delivery]

Robots will provide room service on behalf of human resources during times of labor shortage such as midnight and night.
By actively utilizing room service at night, we will activate the provision of drinks and midnight snacks, which will lead to increased sales.
In addition, by utilizing robots, it is possible to improve the labor of staff and reduce troubles with customers.
Furthermore, as a measure against corona damage, we can respond to various customers without contact.

A robot can work for about 18 hours. You can work 365 days a year with an hourly wage of about 200 yen.

Points for room service function

  • The aim robot realizes elevator movement, and it is possible to move to each floor (various old elevators are also possible).
  • When the robot arrives in the room, it is possible to notify the customers in the room by IP-PBX extension call and to notify Amazon ECHO by voice.
  • After completing the task, we will notify the front desk staff etc. of the end of the order by message or email.

Optional function

  • You can inform the staff of the position of the robot that is executing the task.
  • An AI camera unit is attached to the robot, and it looks around the corridor at night and guards at night.
  • It is possible to control a multi-robot in which multiple robots operate.