Company Profile

company name Aim Technologies Co., Ltd.
Representative & CEO Manjuo Yoshimoto
Founded September 2019
location Room 519, 5th floor, Tokyo Toranomon Global Square, 1-3-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
TEL 03-5244-4301
Business content
  • Deploying Japanese technology in the global market
    • Prototype design business
      • Rapid Prototyping for products with dreams
    • Product development business (Solution First)
      • Smart health with time-series biosensing and artificial intelligence
      • AI robot development, solutions
      • Smart health for animals such as cows, dogs and cats
  • Hotel service support business
    • Realization of Smart Hotel (support for introducing WiFi6, Local5G, Smart 4KTV)
    • Guest room barter, inbound customer support by purchase
    • Inbound medical business support
    • Collaboration with global partners
      • Collaboration with US Guest-Tek
  • Consulting for new business development and product development