Regardless of new model, old model, manufacturer!

Aim robot allows you to get on and off the elevator

The use of service robots is expanding to hotels, commercial facilities, facilities for the elderly, hospitals, offices, etc. Create new services.

EV adapter and entire system

  • Aim Robot Cloud (AWS)
    Communicates with the robot body and the module on the car, and manages the position information and status of the robot. By managing the robot in the cloud, it is possible to link with other systems.
  • Sensor module in the hoistway
    A module that knows where the elevator car is currently located.
    By managing the location information of the car, the timing of getting on and off the elevator is adjusted.
  • Cart module on
    the car A module on the car that is placed on the top of the elevator car.
    This allows communication between the robot and the elevator.
    The timing of signal transmission to the robot is adjusted based on the floor information of the elevator car sent from the module in the hoistway.
    It also sends the elevator control signal sent by the robot to the control panel module.
  • Control panel module
    Installed inside the elevator control panel, it creates the same state as a human physically pressing a button.

EV adapter and robot movement

Providing EV adapter with communication function

* Function to remotely press the EV push button from the robot

Currently, most of the existing elevators in Japan are old-fashioned elevators that cannot communicate with robots, so automatic boarding and alighting is not possible.
Connecting these elevators to a new dedicated cloud that can communicate with robots requires considerable modifications and is very costly, and most older elevators do not.
Our EV adapter solves this problem from the ground up and is inexpensive and easy to install.

Of course, it also supports the cloud cooperation method provided by the new elevator manufacturer.

The communication gateway installed inside the robot can also communicate with the latest elevator management cloud provided by the elevator manufacturer.