• The image is projected on the rear LED display and used as a promotional medium for tenants.(Bargain information, membership recruitment information, etc.)
  • Prepare the QR code for the robot and distribute the store coupon to the customer.
  • It patrols the common area of ​​the mall based on the mapping.
  • Equipped with a small negative ion generator and a small humidifier that can be sprayed with hypochlorous acid, it can be sterilized and humidified.
  • Equipped with a camera, you can look around the store.

AIM ROBOT NAOMI Overview: Specifications


Robot size
(length x depth x height)
685mm x 590mm x 1130mm
Box size
(length x depth x height)
Top: 335mm x 300mm x 180mm
Bottom: 335mm x 300mm x 250mm
Both the upper and lower cabinets can be individually controlled and opened.
weight 65kg
Touch screen size 10.1 inch
resolution 1920x1080
signage 21.5 inch screen (non-touch)
Wireless communication WiFi + 4G (5G module can be replaced in the future)
Walking speed Maximum 1.5m / s (settable)
Continued endurance Can be used for 8 to 10 hours with a full charge of 6 hours
Automatic charging When the battery level is low, it automatically returns to charging (capacity can be set when returning).
Battery capacity 26Ah
Rated input power / voltage 126W / 42V
Maximum load / maximum climbing ability 10kg / 8 degrees
Maximum step 2cm
Slope wading depth 5cm
Minimum passage width 0.9m
Brake distance 50 cm or less
Exercise model Two-wheel differential
IP protection level IP62
Environmental temperature 0-40 ℃
Base OS ubuntu + ROS
Interactive OS Android system
Algorithm O OS Jetson-based, S LAM route planning, navigation avoidance
sensor With ultrasonic and collision sensor
Multiple robot control Multiple robots can be operated and deliveries can be received at multitasking points. Always start the task from the robot closest to the task point. If multiple robots follow the same route, you can coordinate multiple machines to select alternating or parallel traffic depending on the environmental conditions.
Elevator control After remodeling the elevator side, the elevator is controlled to carry goods and meals to multiple floors. (During the demonstration experiment)



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